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Welcome to Tiffany's Buds and Beans

Coffee, Espresso, Flowers and more!

About Tiffany's Buds and Beans

From Coffee Bean to Coffee Cup- We make each sip count. 

We know what it’s like to get that intense craving for a great cup of coffee, but do you ever wish your coffee could have more to offer you? At Tiffany's Buds and Beans, we believe you not only deserve coffee that is both delicious and from beans of the top quality, but also that you should have the option to spice your coffee up with an edge of wellness! That is why we have created a menu for you to explore your own take on wellness and in what form you would like it. 


Whether you enjoy a black cup of coffee or maybe an addition of protein or collagen to start your day off right, here at Tiffany's Buds and Beans, we hope to satisfy your needs! But wait... there's more! We also have a fond passion for flowers that we would love to share. Stop on by to enjoy our Small Business firsthand!

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109 S Main St, Westfield, WI, USA

(608) 296-7044

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